What's a Pork Chop Sandwich?
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John's Pork Chop Sandwich is a Western Classic -- a lean pork sirloin sandwich with a tradition of great taste.

To maintain a consistently high standard of quality only premium boneless pork sirloin is used in preparing our pork sandwich.

John's Original Pork Chop Sandwich begins with 3.5 ounces of lean pork sirloin. All fat and gristle is removed resulting in a consistanly tender and completely usable product.

It is then lightly breaded, battered and partially cooked. The finished sandwich weighs 4.25 ounces and consists of 70-percent meat and less than 30 percent covering.

The chop is then frozen to retain its natural flavors and tenderness and ready for shipping to fill wholesale orders or to be deep fried at short notice for a meal as it is ordered in our restaurants.

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